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Children in Indoor Playground

Our pedagogy

At Allsorts we recognise  'play as the language of childhood’ and the best way for children to be learning.  We recognise play as giving children the opportunity to gain and embed new skills, develop their understanding and demonstrate their capabilities.  


We have a range of elements to our pedagogy, each one is just as important as the others and together they underpin our philosophy and support us as a team to provide engaging and captivating learning experiences.

Our pedagogy has been developed through experience and research, and continues to evolve as our practice deepens. They also include the principles of the EYFS. Each of the elements of our pedagogy are designed to strengthen children’s educational success.

We understand that what children learn is important but for us how children learn comes first, both in terms of our planning in the moment and our approach.  It is therefore through play that we support children to build their confidence and independence.  Through our interactions and planning we empower children to choose, to reason, reflect, imagine and empathise thus embedding the characteristics for effective learning both now and for the future.


Allsorts Elements of our pedagogy:

  • Development – We Focus on how we support children’s learning and development and how and why children change in terms of their learning and development over time.

  • Behaviour – How a child’s experiences shape their behaviour and how we promote positive behaviour.

  • Relationships – How children change and learn in relation to those around them.

  • Culture – How family life and culture impact learning and relationships.

  • Critique – Inviting you to challenge assumptions and issues around power, equality, and curriculum expectations.

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