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Our Intent and Vision

Boy Playing with Blocks


Allsorts Childcare aims to provide top quality childcare for children aged between 3 months and 11 years old. 


We aim to enable all parents to access excellent care in an affordable and realistic way.  We aim to ensure all children have fun and feel cared for as an individual with all their needs catered for. 

We aim to train and develop a wide range of people to gain skills and qualifications in childcare whilst remaining a non-profit making business.


We aim to involve and empower parents in their children’s learning and development.


Allsorts Childcare nurtures children’s deep desire to learn, to experiment, to socialise and to gain independence. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which is designed to cover 7 areas of learning. It consists of 3 prime areas which are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development. It is seen that these 3 areas are fundamental from birth and build the roots for future learning. There are also 4 specific areas which are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. These 4 specific areas strengthen the prime areas and help us to apply these within a Pre-school setting. The wide and varied range of activities we offer provide the children with not only a basic grounding in numbers and letters, but a wealth of learning experiences, allowing them to progress to their next stage of education with a sense of achievement and confidence. All of our activities are designed to cover multiple areas of the curriculum at any one time to ensure each child has the opportunity to achieve in all of these areas.

At Allsorts Childcare we do ‘In The Moment Planning,’ which is where the children lead their own play based on their own interests which encourages them to be more involved in their learning and achieve their potential. This is a very simple idea – it is about children playing and selecting what to do themselves and pursuing their own interests which they can become deeply engaged in. While this is happening, the adults will observe the children and wait for a moment in which they feel they can make a difference. They will then interact to ‘teach’ the ‘next step’ as appropriate for that unique child at that precise moment. Each time they interact with a child, they are observing, assessing, planning for, and responding to, that individual child. Such interactions are the most important and powerful teaching moments. These observation and teachable moments will be recorded on to our Famly system for you to read and discuss with your child's key person if needed.


Emphasis is placed on the development of every child’s self-esteem and independence, and they are strongly encouraged to be kind and caring to one another in a positive and nurturing environment. Children work and play together in a happy, relaxed and positive atmosphere in which encouragement abounds and the surroundings are colourful, attractive and adaptable. The experiences provided for each child are stimulating, challenging, absorbing and satisfying, allowing for every aspect of development and progression. The children are taught by dedicated, enthusiastic and well qualified staff in spacious and well equipped areas. This all combines to help us provide a start to education of the highest standard. Resources are age appropriate and offer a wide range of experiences for the children.


Parents are an integral part of the education process. In recognition of this important role, parental involvement is actively sought, encouraged and welcomed. Allsorts Childcare strongly believes that this vision will ensure that children enter primary school with the necessary skills for lifelong learning.

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