Each child at Allsorts has a Learning Journey book to celebrate his/her experiences. Over time it will tell a story about your child – their learning, friends and the activities they enjoy sharing with others.  For the past few years these have been scrapbooks that we have collated and kept at the preschool.  Since September 2014, we have been using an online version using a system called ‘Tapestry’. 

Each key person will have set times to observe your child, as well as collecting evidence on a day to day basis in a variety of forms. Tapestry will record the photos, videos and comments that the key person makes, building up a collection of your child’s experiences.  These can then be linked with the EYFS to build up a record of their development.  You as a parent can then access your child’s learning journey at your own leisure, and as well as our entries, we encourage you to comment on these and add your own contributions such as photos or comments.  Please join us in watching out for and noting new things about your child. So much happens so quickly!

You will have secure access to your child’s learning journey via the Allsorts website, or via an app which you can download here, where you can login with your email address and a unique password.  Individual parents and other relatives can have their own accounts. Once your child starts with us, and you have provided us with your email address, we will set up an account for you. 

At the end of each year, you will receive a PDF version of your child’s journal on CD. 

Features of Tapestry at a glance:

  • Individual learning journeys for each child, for you as a parent to be able to access instantly at home, any time of day.
  • Each observation or page can include notes, photographs, videos and be linked to the EYFS assessments and characteristics of learning, to give a more detailed view of your child’s development.
  • You can view the complete set of observations as a learning journey, flipping through your child’s observation pages, in time order.
  • You can leave comments on new entries for your child’s key person to see, or even add new ones of your own!
  • Mobile apps allow entries to be made from iPhones, iPads and android devices. 
  • Automatic emails generated to you whenever a new entry has been made.


How you can help you child and link with Preschool:

  • Looking at your child’s online Learning Journey (Tapestry) with them and contributing to it by making comments or adding photo’s etc
  • Talking to your child about their Learning Journey and their achievements
  • Joining in with the parent partnership activities that we run.
  • Telling us about significant events       or achievements in your child life
  • Getting more involved in the Preschool either coming in to help out and spend time here, joining the committee, or helping with fundraising

Click the Tapestry logo to log in to your child’s online Learning Journal.