Allsorts is essentially run by you, the parents, by way of a management committee. Having an active parent committee is a legal requirement for both OFSTED and the Charity Commission, but more than that, it is a fantastic way for you to get involved in your child’s education, and your input helps to make us the best we can be. Don’t be frightened though – we won’t be press ganging people to take on jobs and committee roles! We understand that in this day and age, parents work long hours and juggle home and working lives. We would be delighted to have willing parents come on board our committee, or just come along and attend meetings and give their input. We hope that becoming  parent on our committee is enjoyable and rewarding.

We meet about once every month to discuss the general running of the group and to organise fundraising events. We have a Chairperson to take overall responsibility for all the committee, a treasurer to keep an eye on finances and a secretary to take on board some of the correspondence. These committee members are backed up by a number of parents who support Allsorts in what ever way they can, attending meetings, helping out at fundraising events, coming in to Allsorts to help out and tackling small jobs that arise.

2015- 2016 Committee Members 

Chairperson- Tom Harvey

Treasurer- Lucy Smith

Secretary- Claire Beaumont

Vice -Chair- Corinna Deeble

Vice Treasurer- Tom England

Vice Secretary- Lisa Frost