Our Preschool sessions have a mixture of child led and adult led activities.  For the majority of the day we run a free flow system, where the children can freely choose to play inside or outside with a range of activities, often planned to follow the children’s interests.   We also plan some adult led activities to suit the children’s ages, needs and abilities, and these usually fit our theme for the term.  Activities and themes are planned to ensure that the children have a broad view of the world around us, and a chance to try out many different things. We make sure that the activities planned are flexible enough to be interesting for the youngest child and yet enough of a challenge for the older children within the preschool group.

There will be a maximum of 26 children in any session with a staffing ratio dependant on the number of 2 year olds but generally 1 adult to 5 children.

At Allsorts we always overstaff to provide the best care for the children and often have extra students to lend a helping hand.

We operate a keyperson system. That is, a named member of staff who will have special responsibilities for certain children and will be there for parents to discuss their child with (of course other staff can also discuss children’s development with parents but the key person should have a better insight into their development).

Whilst children are with us we will be observing their play and their development to ensure that we are doing our best to cater for their ability. We will record these observations in the children’s learning journeys, on the Tapestry website, which is completely secure and available for parents to access at any time.  Click here to find out more about Tapestry. 

Parents can also arrange to discuss their child’s progress at any time, and we also hold parents meetings at the end of the school year.  We work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage as set out by the Department for Education.